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About soul-ly

Our Background!

Our business idea sparked from our fascination with essential oils, which have so many healing properties. Most skincare products promise beautiful skin by using harsh and toxic chemicals that adversely affect long term health of the skin. Our Founder/Co-CEOs grew up in a holistic environment shaped by good nutrition and use of natural healing modalities like aromatherapy and herbal medicine. Hence our product line is heavily influenced by these principles. Our holistic approach to skincare provides people with the opportunity to care for their skin without worrying about ingredients that are both harmful to the body and the planet. Additionally, we believe that it is important to give back to our community –– and Mother Earth, who has allowed us to use her ingredients in our products. This is why we plan on donating part of our profits to an organization dedicated to fighting climate change. We welcome you to naturally connect your skin to your soul with Soul-ly!

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Our Team

Who We Are


Reya Lakhani

Inventory Manager

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Priyanka Shah


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